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Cake Slices

Sweet snacks that couldn't be easier to make! Just spread and serve!



  • KetoClassic Savoury

  • Clotted Cream

  • Hermasetas Liquid

  • Choice of flavour - Chocolate / Berry / Buttercream


​You can make a batch of the cream topping to keep for a few days in the fridge to spread when you need it. Simply adjust the recipe accordingly - each 30g savoury requires 20g of overall mix. 3 x 30g Savoury make a 60g mix

  1. Add clotted cream to a mixing bowl.

  2. Add drops of hermasetas liquid.

  3. Add flavour - choc powder, raspberries, melted butter.

  4. Using a whisk, mix very well.

  5. Spread 20g of mix onto 1 30g savoury. 

  6. Slice savoury in half with sharp knife if only using half.

  7. You can store remaining spread in fridge for a few days for when you need it.

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