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Fro Yo Bites

Use the KetoClassic Bar to make refreshing frozen yoghurt bites for those hot summer days. Keep in the freezer for whenever you need them.


  • KetoClassic Bar

  • Double Cream

  • Full Fat Greek Yoghurt


  1. Weigh the amount required for double cream and yoghurt. Mix and whip together with a fork or small whisk.

  2. Unwrap the ketoclassic bar and cut into small pieces.

  3. In a silicone mould (or in an empty silicon ice-cube rack) pour the yoghurt/double cream mixture. Then, add the chopped pieces of the bar.

  4. Place level in the freezer and leave overnight (or at least 2 hours).

  5. Enjoy on its own or serve with some berries.

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