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KetoClassic 3:1 Muesli

A simple and easy breakfast solution.

What is KetoClassic Muesli?

KetoClassic Muesli offers a simple solution to breakfast on the ketogenic diet by simply adding water, milk or cream and stirring. Can be used on it's own as a breakfast muesli or as an ingredient. Each tub contains 300g of KetoClassic Muesli. A recommended serving size of 30g contains 188 calories, 17.1g fat, 3.3g protein, 2.4g carbohydrates and 5.4g fibre.

Who is KetoClassic Muesli for?

KetoClassic Muesli is for children over 3 years of age and adults on a ketogenic diet.

Why has KetoClassic Muesli been prescribed?

KetoClassic Muesli has been prescribed to help maintain compliance of the ketogenic diet. This must be under the proper supervision of a health professional.

How much KetoClassic Muesli will be required?

The health professional supervising the diet will advise you on how much will be required as the ketogenic diet is individual to everyone.

How to use the KetoClassic Muesli?

  1. Shake tub well.

  2. Weight out required quantity of KetoClassic Muesli.

  3. Add water, milk or cream.

  4. Stir thoroughly.

  5. Add more water, milk or cream to reach desired consistency.

    * Flavouring can also be added to suit your taste.

KetoClassic Muesli

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