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8 Super Easy Savouries

Recipes showing just how versatile the KetoClassic Savoury is for any time of the day .


Simply crush the Savoury and use just like you would breadcrumbs in recipes such as chicken nuggets.



Slice the Savoury and put it in the toaster for a delicious and comforting breakfast or treat in the cold months. Top with butter and keto jams.


Nut Butter Toast

Toast Again, toast the savoury but this time add your favourite nut butter.


Cheese on Toast

A familiar classic. Slice the savoury and top with cheese then put it under the grill till the cheese has melted and beginning to brown.



To make this family favourite, simply top with a bit of tomato puree, cheese and toppings. Then, slip under the grill for a few minutes.


Eggs on Toast

To accompany eggs for breakfast, slice and toast the Savoury then top with your favourite style of eggs.


Avocado Toast

Simply slice some avocado or mash into a creamy guacamole and spread on the top of a sliced Savoury.


Cream Tea

For more of a sweet treat, spread on some clotted cream then top with your favourite berries or keto jam.

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