KetoClassic Muesli

A nutritious breakfast in under 30 seconds.

Pouch 1 - Super simple breakfast

*Half the pouch to try a couple of variations*


  1. Empty muesli into a bowl and add your choice of milk/cream/prescription formula depending on your desired consistency. You can also simply add water.

    If using half a pouch, add 20g of liquid depending on your desired consistency. 40g if using the full pouch.


  2. To add some extra flavour, try mixing in a little of the following:

    Sugar free syrups
    Melted dark chocolate
    Nut butters
    Mashed berries

See how to video & full nutrition

Pouch 2 - Simple Snack

*Half the pouch and recipe quantities to make both recipes below*


Chocolate "Rice Krispie" Cakes

Choc & Berry Balls.jpg

Choc/Berry Bites


Keto Macaroons

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