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KetoClassic Muesli

A nutritious breakfast in under 30 seconds.

As a Super simple breakfast

  1. For testing, weigh out 20g of muesli and add your choice of milk/cream/prescription formula depending on your desired consistency. You can also simply add water. This can be hot or cold.

    If using 20g of muesli, add 20g of liquid. You can of course add more or less depending on your desired consistency and requirements. Typically the weight of muesli is equal to the weight of liquid.

  2. The muesli has a vanilla flavour added but to add some extra flavour, try mixing in a little of the following:

    Sugar free syrups
    Melted dark chocolate
    Nut butters
    Mashed berries

See how to video & full nutrition

As an Ingredient - Simple Snack

Reduce the portion used for recipes to try a few!


Chocolate "Rice Krispie" Cakes

Choc & Berry Balls.jpg

Choc/Berry Bites


Keto Macaroons

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